Microblading - Form of tattooing

Microblading is a form of tattoo where pigment is implanted under the skin with a manual handheld microblade instead of a machine. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup that creates natural beautiful eyebrows. A handheld tool allows for mimicking hair-like strokes to give a resemblance of real hair. Each individual hair is drawn in and bent with the clients existing eyebrow hairs.

Several Forms of Microblading

Microblading as easily become a popular beauty service among the beauty industry. New techniques have also been introduced over the years, such as micro feathering or microshading. Microfeathering, which is Microblading with a lighter touch appearing it the brows to look natural. Microshading is for those who want more shape and definition. Depending on your preference in brow style, all can be accomplished to achieve self-satisfaction guaranteed brows. Microblading originated from Asia and over the past 5 years, has become widely known and loved.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and some feel it more than others. But overall, it feels like little scratches. You can feel it, but it is not unbearable. A topical numbing cream is used to dull the discomfort.

How long is the process?

The whole process typically takes one or two appointments to complete, depending on your results. During the appointment, the client is profiled and the eyebrows are drawn in the client's preference. The artist and client agree on the look and the artists can then microblade the eyebrows. Minimal aftercare is required and mild scabbing.

The second appointment is a touch-up, at least 14 days after the first appointment. This is not a necessary step, only for those clients who need it, which depends on the healing process. Further counseling with the artist will determine this second appointment.

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is essential and means protecting freshly bladed brows from sweaty workouts, swimming, or getting your brows wet for a week. The moisture will allow the scab to come off too early and the pigment will be lost.

Eyebrows will look darker at first, but the color will fade 30-40 percent. Overall, they look great right after, just mild swelling and slight redness.

Post Procedure Care Instruction

Meet your esthetician Anna Moon

Since 2004, as a pioneer of semi-permanent tattoos as well as state-of-the-art microblading, I have attended to clients in Canada, the United States and Korea and have been continuously training in new styles, techniques, and devices. I seek maximum naturalness and pursue natural beauty. Every time I hear my clients tell me that they feel more confident, more energetic, and happier in life, I feel very proud and develop a strong sense of calling towards my work. I focus on the style and procedure that best suits my clients, rather than just aiming for something new. I am very detail-oriented and have found that sufficient consultation and communication between practitioner and client brings the best results. I never rush the process so my patience, professional skills, and perfectionism will give you the brows you have always dreamed of! My philosophy is that the practitioner-client relationship becomes a partnership, who pursues continuous beauty and happiness rather than a customer consumer relationship that happens only once.


Fig.1 - Eyebrow Before, During, and After the procedure.

Fig.2 - Eyebrow Before, During, and After the procedure.
Fig.3 - Eyebrow Before, During, and After the procedure.
Fig.4 - Eyebrow Before and After the procedure.
Fig.5 - Male client. Eyebrow Before and After the procedure.
Fig.6 - Male client. Eyebrow Before and After the procedure.

Fig.7 - Eyeliner Before and After the procedure.


Fig.8 - Facility.


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